Design Commmission to review new Pearl Marriott Hotel proposal

The City of Portland Bureau of Development Services is preparing for a public hearing on the proposal for the Pearl Marriott Hotel to be built at NW 9th and Marshall. The hearing before the Design Commission is tentatively scheduled for May 17 at 1:30pm.

The followng description is included in a Request for Response sent on April 2, 2012.

Proposal: A new six-story hotel, courtyard, and associated sidewalk improvements are proposed on a vacant, full-block site on the east side of NW 9th Avenue, between NW Marshall and Northrup Streets on the south and north, and NW Station Way to the east. The layout of the building is in a ‘U” shape open to the south, with a ground level courtyard and passenger vehicle driveway and valet parking turnaround. The proposal may utilize some off-site parking in the Station Place Garage across NW Marshall Street to the southeast, although this will require approval through a (separate) Central City Parking Review. No on-site parking is proposed.

The main floor of the hotel will include a main entry facing NW 9th Avenue, with a secondary courtyard and valet drop-off entry on the opposite side of the lobby. The main floor will include a reception and lobby area, a lounge and breakfast room area, conference rooms, and an exercise area with indoor pool for hotel guests. The upper five floors will contain 224 hotel guest rooms, each with a small kitchenette. The Marriott Residence Inn hotel concept caters to travelers who typically stay at the hotel for an average of 5-6 days. Each floor of the hotel building is approximately 28,000 square feet, and the gross square footage of the building is 172,700 square feet.

Exterior materials on the building include a light colored brick, metal panel systems, fiberglass windows on the upper floors, and an aluminum storefront system at the ground floor. A perforated metal panel system is used on a vertical wrapping tower/screen element near the main entry on 9th Avenue, extending vertically up the façade and then horizontally across the roof. Rooftop mechanical equipment is mounted behind metal equipment screen walls, and approximately half of the roof, on the south portions of the building, will include an eco-roof.

In 2001, a Central City Master Plan (LUR 01-00281 MS SU) approved residential-only uses for this block, and required a publicly-accessible plaza area of approximately 2,450 square feet along the NW Marshall street frontage of the site. The applicant is proposing to construct the required plaza, but a Central City Master Plan Amendment is necessary to allow the hotel versus residential uses on the site.

For a building of this size, the Zoning Code requires two on-site loading bays. A single loading bay is proposed for the north face of the building, off of NW Northrup Street. In order to reduce the required number of loading spaces from two to one, the applicant has requested an Adjustment Review.

Public improvements with the project include new sidewalks and street trees in the rights-of-way immediately adjacent to the hotel, which are improved with curbing only today except along NW 9th Avenue. New street tree species include Red Maples, Hornbeams, and flowering pear trees. Connections to public water services, sanitary sewers, and storm sewers in adjacent streets are also proposed.