Affordable solutions to selling your home…


“Simple and affordable do-it-yourself projects can greatly increase a home’s resale value, according to HomeGain’s annual home improvement and staging survey. The marketing company surveyed nearly 600 real estate professionals to discover which DIY home improvement projects give sellers the biggest return for their buck. Here are six projects under $1,000 (amounts are estimated) that made the list” (Excerpted from HomeGain’s 2011 Home Sale Maximizer Survey,

I just had a related conversation with a potential seller about spring cleaning and resale values. These are examples of  minimal cost improvements that could result in a positive return for sellers with buyers paying top- dollar.

Portland’s Saturday Market @ PSU

Portland Saturday markets are all over the city, however; the one my wife and I frequent is located on the south park blocks on the Portland State University campus. Portland Monthly Magazine’s May issue is titled “Farmer’s Markets: An insider’s guide” – by Zach Dundas.

Renting vs. Buying in Portland, OR.

Portland has been mentioned (again) as one of the top 10 cities where buying a home is more affordable than renting:

A recent showing of a great listing in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon coincided directly to this very conversation. My client just moved to Oregon from New York and has been renting in one of the premier leasing buildings in the Pearl. He stated that the rent prices have drastically climbed higher in the last few months and that the buzz within the renters’ community is that maybe it is time to purchase after all. The result of a turbulent real estate market, an overall economic recession and strict lending guidelines have increased the demand for leasing. However, this has created a void and a set of favorable conditions for buyers of homes across this state: home prices have been reduced 29% on average, record interest rates and income to mortgage ratios are at their lowest levels in a generation.